The Era Of Haute Men’s Jewellery Is Here To Stay

Men in jewellery are the new men in black

April 25, 2024

For centuries, Indian men including the royalty have adorned jewellery as symbols of power, status, and cultural identity. With a rich jewelled heritage, it’s only justified that the modern man should have more to choose beyond watches and cufflinks. The last couple of decades saw a decline in men’s jewellery but today, there is a greater acceptance as men are now turning to jewellery as a form of self-expression, both in India and globally.  

This shift is evident not only in global trends with brands such as Cartier creating a bespoke Dune-inspired necklace for Timothée Chalamet featuring a jaw-dropping 900 gemstones for Dune: Part Two’s London premiere, or even brands such as Gucci, Versace and Maison Margiela leading the way at recent fashion shows in Paris and Milan. Closer home, in India, current style icons are also upping their game with stand-out jewellery picks to embrace a more gender-neutral status.   

The biggest launch in India this year was Bulgari’s kada, a limited-edition piece promoted by Bulgari’s India Friend of the Brand, Ayushmann Khurrana. Launched in January, the B.zero1 Kada Bracelet, an India-exclusive design for men is part of its B.zero1 collection, and is inspired by the traditional kada, a metal bracelet-like ornament conventionally worn by men.  

The trends for 2024 lean towards minimalism and craftsmanship and, hence, subtle chains, bracelets, and signature rings are gaining popularity. There’s ample styling options from prominent footballers like Cristiano Ronaldo of the Manchester United who often wears discreet ear cuffs or studs, or David Beckham who often pairs his favourite beaded bracelets with a watch, or Formula 1 star Lewis Hamilton who often dons necklaces. Indian celebrities like Shubman Gill, Ranbir Kapoor, and Shahid Kapoor have also gravitated towards understated pieces like chains and studs and have embraced jewellery to create a signature sartorial impression. 

That return of men’s jewellery is also partly due to an upsurge of both established jewelers and young designers breathing new life into jewellery to create statement jewellery. Pop stars icons such as Justin Bieber, Neymar Jr. and Harry Styles are known for flaunting statement chains and pendants, while in India, celebrities like Ranveer Singh, Diljit Dosanjh and Hardik Pandya are the torchbearers of the statement jewellery trend. 

Finally, there is definitely an interest in sustainable brands that source ethically and follow fair trade practices apart from using eco-friendly and recycled materials. Pencil in these seven must-have brands that are redefining the norms and broadening the boundaries of personal style for men.   

1. Bulgari

Actor Ayushmann Khurrana wearing the B.zero1 Kada Bracelet. Image Credit: Bulgari

It’s hard to overlook Bulgari, the luxury Italian fashion house when speaking about men’s jewellery. Known for its cutting-edge design and fine craftsmanship, the brand offers stylish pieces like cufflinks, rings, chains and bracelets. Its recent launch B.zero1 Kada Bracelet part of its B.zero1, is a seamless blend of heritage and innovation and offers versatility to combine it with watches or other bracelets or to wear it as a stand-alone statement piece for men. A modern jewel that embodies contemporary design and tradition at the same time, it makes an ideal choice for a discerning man looking to invest in heirloom-worthy pieces.  

2. Mejuri  

Mejuri, a brand making waves globally, is a go-to brand for beautifully crafted everyday essentials. You will find discreet chains and easily stackable pieces like beaded gemstone bracelets and rings. They have a rather large selection of rings ranging from signature signets to pared-down bands that can be worn solo or as part of a stack. Focused on sustainability, the brand creates high-quality pieces–made with responsibly-sourced materials—that promise to last you a lifetime.  

3. De Beers Forevermark 

A chic addition to men’s wardrobe, this Forevermark Avaanti™ Large Chain Bracelet is a unique design inspired by the Forevermark icon. For men who prefer understated elegance, this bracelet from the Avaanti Collection is set with a 0.18 carat solitaire De Beers Forevermark diamond. Versatile and meant for special occasions, this bracelet is available in white, yellow, and gold and in multiple sizes. Team it with their range of cufflinks for a special night out.    

4. Misho Man
A celebrity-favourite, we have seen everyone from Zendaya to Beyonce to Lady Gaga to Kareena Kapoor and Deepika Padukone sporting Misho designs. The geometric, sculptural designs are loved for their bold appeal. Interestingly, the brand has a minimalistic range for men that includes signet rings, chains, pendants and earrings. The men’s range was also imagined as gender fluid—great for swapping with your significant other! 

5. Tribe by Amrapali

Amrapali, the beloved Jaipur-based brand is known for its rich legacy of artistry and tradition. While the parent brand is synonymous with traditional jewellery-making crafts, there are plenty of new-age, contemporary designs to be found at Tribe by Amrapali. Whether it’s the standard cufflinks and rings or the slightly more experimental bracelets, chunky pendants and even earrings, available both in silver and brass, men are bound to be spoilt for choice.   

6. Tyaani by Karan Johar
If it’s Karan Johar, you can expect his brand of Bollywood glam, and that’s exactly what you will get with  Tyaani, Johar’s own jewellery brand. The fine jewellery offerings include statement rings, chunky pendants, and bracelets. The designs have been crafted out of gold, diamonds, precious stones, and leather and can also be made-to-order. Whether you’re looking for something for the wedding season or are just a maximalist appearance, these pieces perfectly fit the bill.  

7. Azga

Another Jaipur-based brand giving men plenty of options to shop is Azga. The brand began by creating men’s accessories like cuff links and buttons and gradually added fashion jewellery to their repertoire. The brand aesthetic is classic, minimal pieces which are easily wearable. For example, chains and beaded bracelets can be easily stacked for a chic look. The brass pieces are plated in gold and often feature other elements like enamel, beads, and cord work.   

How to style
Less is more: If you’re someone who’s just about starting to experiment with jewellery, the ‘less is more’ approach is a safe bet. Start by wearing one or two pieces at a time and then work your way up. For instance, it could be something as simple as a bracelet along with a watch. As you develop your style, you could experiment further.

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Mix it up: Taking a cue from women’s trends perhaps, the men have also taken a liking for stacking, whether it’s rings or bracelets, often with mixed metals and materials. So, you could pair your watch with a metallic bracelet along with a leather cuff and so on.

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Consider your outfit: Always match your jewellery to the outfit and occasion. A formal look is better suited to minimalistic pieces. Statement pieces like chunky chains and rings lend themselves better to a casual look.

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Images courtesy respective featured brands.