Zenith Teams Up With Legendary DJ Carl Cox To Launch Limited Edition Watches

Meet the pioneer of house music himself who can DJ and live together

April 25, 2024

British DJ, producer and friend of the brand Zenith, Carl Cox is a living legend. Unanimously regarded as a pioneer in the world of electronic music, in a career spanning over four decades, Carl Cox has been enthralling his fans across the globe with his unique sound, a craft that he has now taken to new heights.   

With Zenith he shares the values of authenticity and being true to oneself. He also brings a spirit of innovation and daringness that the brand possesses. As a part of the association, the electronic music pioneer has curated a special playlist entitled ‘Carl Cox X Zenith’ which also includes the first soundtrack Cox ever created for Zenith called “This is our Time”, available on Spotify and on the brand’s website.  

Towards the end of 2023, Zenith and Carl Cox unveiled DEFY Extreme Carl Cox edition limited to 100 pieces only. Following the launch, Carl played an exclusive set, his final London show of 2023, at the iconic Raffles in Chelsea, where a capacity crowd were treated to one of electronic music’s all-time greatest doing what he does best.  

Edited excerpts  

1. Over 40 years in the industry, you’ve experienced various phases and trends in music and performance. Could you walk us through the key milestones and transformations in your career, highlighting moments that marked significant shifts or breakthroughs in your artistic journey?  

There are so many moments that changed my path while still propelling me in the same direction – namely forward. I would have to say that something that became a defining part of my career was when I first played on three turntables instead of the customary two. At the time I just did it because it would give me a deeper sound and allow me to create another layer for the dancefloor, but the news spread, and I was labelled the Three Deck Wizard which brought me to the attention of promoters and artists all over the world.

2. As a combined hybrid performer, your ability to seamlessly blend DJing and live elements is a defining aspect of your career. Could you share a specific performance or set where you felt you achieved a perfect fusion of these elements?  

I have always been a DJ and for a brief period in the early 90’s I also played live before embracing the live and hybrid set up in the last few years. It is great to have shows across three different disciplines- DJ, Hybrid and full live. There have been so many standout performances this year alone, but I would say that playing a full hybrid set to a sold-out Central Park New York show was an incredible experience.

3. How do you envision the future of combined hybrid performances, and what role do you believe they will play in the music industry?  

Hybrid and live electronic performances are already a big part of the main stage festival experience. Everything has a place and a part to play so whether you are a full classical orchestra, a rock group, a DJ, acoustic folk band or live electronic artist you are bringing your own unique sound to the musical table.

4. After such an illustrious career, are there any venues or locations around the world that you still aspire to perform at or any specific dream performance that you hope to bring to life in the future?  

I still have so many exciting places in my diary but there are always going to be those special places where you have the potential to create a unique moment in music history. I’ve played at some of man’s biggest achievements, old and new, including the Pyramids at Giza in Egypt, Central Park New York, and Stonehenge in England but what better place to dream of play and to share my love of music than from the spectacular Taj Mahal in India.