Exciting New Spirits To Stock Up Your Home Bar

Exciting New Spirits To Stock Up Your Home Bar

Exciting New Spirits To Stock Up Your Home Bar

Looking for new additions for your home bar? Here are some of the newest spirits launched in India.

June 12, 2024

India’s spirits scene is buzzing with excitement with an exhilarating surge of innovation and creativity across the industry. From artisanal craft spirits that showcase regional flavours to groundbreaking collaborations, the landscape is rapidly evolving. This dynamic environment fosters a culture of exploration and appreciation, as enthusiasts eagerly anticipate the next big release.

The Indian alcobev space is no longer just about established favourites – it’s a dynamic market brimming with creativity and a desire to tantalise the taste buds. Check out these latest releases that has us excited.

1. Glenmorangie Calvados Cask Finish

Glenmorangie Calvados Cask Finish

Glenmorangie has introduced the Glenmorangie Calvados Cask Finish, its first whisky finished in French Calvados casks. This uniquely fruity and floral 12-year-old single malt is the fifth release in the Distillery’s Barrel Select Release series, which explores diverse cask finishes. Inspired by the soft orchard notes of Calvados, Dr Bill Lumsden, Director of Whisky Creation at Glenmorangie has created an innovative single malt infuses classic Glenmorangie fruit with softer notes of baked apple, pear, and hints of jasmine and vanilla. The result is a rich, mellow whisky intertwining baked apples and pears with hints of jasmine, narcissus, and vanilla.

Glenmorangie Calvados Cask Finish is priced at INR 7,050 and is currently available in Mumbai.

2.  Zignum Mezcal Anejo Cristalino and Mezcal Anejo

Zignum Mezcal Anejo Cristalino

One of Mexico’s leading Mezcals, Zignum is now available in India in two variants: Mezcal Añejo Cristalino and Zignum Mezcal Añejo. They are imported here by Mumbai-based importers, Anggels Share. Zignum Mezcal, meaning ‘tip of the spear’, is renowned for its smooth, refined taste, crafted by ‘maestro mezcalero’, or master mezcal craftsman, and his team using eco-friendly practices. Mezcal Añejo, aged for 12 months in French and American oak casks, is best enjoyed neat for its rich, complex flavours. Mezcal Añejo Cristalino, aged for 24 months in French oak, features sophisticated wooden notes and a smooth, subtle flavour profile of Espadín Agave.

Zignum Mezcal Añejo is priced at INR 16,475 in Mumbai while Zignum Mezcal Añejo Cristalino is priced at INR 18,300.

3. Ardbeg Spectacular

Ardbeg Spectacular

Ardbeg Spectacular is a limited-edition release that was unveiled at 2024 Ardbeg Day around the globe. This one-of-a-kind port cask matured whisky offers an array of unique flavours: lavender, vetiver, and incense mingle with rich almond, damp peat, and woodsmoke. Leather and minty chocolate blend with sweet pear crumble and salted caramel fudge. The result is a unique display of distilling, combining salty, smoky, and sweet notes in a truly phenomenal flavour experience.

Priced at INR 11,400, Ardbeg Spectacular is exclusively available at Ospree Duty Free in Mumbai International Airport.

4. Onegin Vodka

Onegin Vodka

Monika Alcobev has introduced Onegin Vodka, a luxurious Russian wheat vodka, to India. Made in St. Petersburg, Onegin is triple charcoal filtered for smoothness and infused with almond, honey, and vanilla for a complex taste. Named after Pushkin’s “Eugene Onegin,” its elegant bottle design reflects St. Petersburg’s cultural vibrancy, offering discerning consumers a sophisticated drinking experience.

Onegin Vodka will be available at select premium retail stores across major cities in India. Each bottle is priced at INR 5,400.

5. Maya Pistola Agavepura Anejo and Extra Anejo

Maya Pistola Agavepura Anejo

Maya Pistola Agavepura has launched Añejo and Extra Añejo in Maharashtra. Añejo, aged over 14 months in Virgin American White Oak, the spirit boasts oaky aromas of cocoa and figs with hints of smoke. Its smooth, rich agave spirit is accented by vanilla and caramel. The Extra Añejo variant, aged for over 36 months, rests in Virgin American White Oak and Ex-Maker’s Mark barrels, offering butterscotch, dry spice, dark chocolate, and candied cherries. At 48% ABV, it delivers a robust, velvety palate, best sipped neat or on the rocks.

Maya Pistola Agavepura Añejo is priced at INR 7,850 for Añejo and Extra Añejo is priced at INR 17,500. They are available at select retail stores in Maharashtra.

6. The Macallan Horizon

The Macallan Horizon

The Macallan and Bentley Motors have joined forces for a limited-edition whisky – The Macallan Horizon. This single-malt Scotch breaks tradition with a horizontal bottle design and incorporates materials from both brands. This expertly crafted single malt Scotch whisky is presented in a horizontal vessel with a 180-degree twist, reflecting the horizontal trajectory of automotive design. The bespoke glass vessel, designed for horizontal display, is enveloped in an aluminium ribbon engineered to Bentley’s standards. Encased in low-carbon chestnut leather and surrounded by a recycled copper frame from The Macallan’s old stills, the vessel also features an oak wood inlay from the whisky’s maturation casks.

The whisky itself has been crafted by Master Whisky Maker Kirsteen Campbell. Aged in six sherry casks, the whisky itself boasts rich dried fruit and spice notes, balanced with hints of oak and leather, reflecting the essence of a Bentley.

The Macallan Horizon is a limited edition release available at Macallan’s global network of domestic and travel retail boutiques. Price is available on request.

7. D’Yavol Vortex

D’Yavol Vortex

Shah Rukh Khan backed D’Yavol Luxury Collective has introduced D’Yavol Vortex, a premium blended Scotch whisky. This complex whisky marries rich malt, sherried sweetness, and subtle peat. The bottle features a debossed crown, a black-to-flint gradient, and gold accents, with a logo-embossed black cork stopper. Vortex delivers indulgent notes of orchard fruit, creamy vanilla, fudge, and soft smoke, with a smooth finish of lingering peat and spiced fruit.

D’Yavol Vortex is available at an MRP of INR 5,350 in Maharashtra and INR 4,500 in Goa.

8. McDowell’s & Co Distiller’s Batch Indian Single Malt

McDowell’s & Co Distiller’s Batch Indian Single Malt

Founded 125 years ago, McDowell’s & Co is India’s spirits pioneer. This brand launched brandy, whisky, and rum, becoming the first to offer a diverse spirits portfolio. McDowell’s No.1 Whisky, launched in 1968, became the world’s largest-selling whisky. Now, McDowell’s & Co introduces Distiller’s Batch Indian Single Malt, a triple cask whisky matured in Nashik, featuring aromas of vanilla and fresh fruit, with a rich, complex palate and a mellow-sweet finish. With only 6,000 bottles available, McDowell’s & Co Distiller’s Batch Indian Single Malt aims to be a collector’s item and a testament to the brand’s commitment to quality.

McDowell’s & Co Distiller’s Batch Indian Single Malt is currently available in Haryana. Price is available upon request.

9. Nisaki Gin

Nisaki Gin

Distilled in Goa by Project Peacock, Nisaki is a small-batch gin with an infusion of butterfly pea flower that allows the gin to change colours. It transforms with each mixer, from purple to pink with tonic, and blue with water. The gin is a rice-based spirit that undergoes a meticulous triple-distillation process for superior quality. Infused with 16 organic botanicals, including vibrant Macedonian juniper berries, Nisaki boasts a floral and smooth profile.

Nisaki is currently available in Goa for INR 1849 and soon will retail in Mumbai at an MRP of approximately INR 3300.

10. Aer Gin

Aer Gin

Four Seasons Hotel Mumbai’ Aer bar partners with Stranger & Sons gin to create Aer Gin. A first-ever partnership in India between a major hotel and a craft gin brand, Aer Gin offers a fresh, saline flavour profile exclusive to Mumbai. The gin uses local botanicals like tamarind and kokum for a fresh, saline taste that reflects Mumbai’s maritime spirit.

Aer Gin is now available exclusively at AER – Four Seasons Hotel Mumbai – from 5:00 pm to 1:30 am. Price is available on request.

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