Range Rover House Opens Doors In Alibaug

Range Rover House makes a debut in India and will be where the locally produced Range Rover and Range Rover Sport will be showcased.

May 27, 2024

In a show of commitment to India, Range Rover House has opened its doors for the first time in India at the coastal town of Alibaug in Maharashtra. The aim is to highlight the brand’s essence and design excellence, offering a variety of experiences and activities in a meticulously curated setting as you explore the locally manufactured Range Rover and Range Rover Sport.

The first Range Rover House opened in August 2022, set along a cove on the Pacific Ocean, California. Since 2022, Range Rover House has expanded its global footprint, with intimate, luxurious pop-ups opening across four continents, including the Alpine Italian resort of Courmayeur at the foot of Mont Blanc, a private residence overlooking Sydney Harbour, and most recently, the luxurious Cap D’Antibes on the French Riviera during July 2023.

Professor Gerry McGovern OBE, Chief Creative Officer, JLR who has played a key role in the design of each of these Houses said, “Creativity is best expressed in an enriching, immersive space. Range Rover House is a literal embodiment of Range Rover – an opportunity for our clients to explore our modern luxury vision, transcending the traditional exchange within a showroom. Our ambition is to ignite our clients’ passions, building emotional connections via unique, intimate and memorable experiences. We are taking Range Rover House to India for the first time, where clients will be able to immerse themselves in our story in a space which combines breath-taking modernity and refinement with local flair.”

The Range Rover House Experience

The Range Rover House experience starts even before you step into the luxury villa, with your journey on a private luxury yacht. Once you arrive at the villa, you will learn about Range Rover’s rich heritage. This contemporary space is meticulously curated to showcase the timeless beauty and innovation of Range Rover, from inception to the present day.

At the Bespoke Studio, clients will get a first-hand experience that allows them to personalise and commission their next Range Rover alongside specialists from Special Vehicle Operations.

Attending the Design Studio masterclass with Range Rover’s expert team will offer insights into the intricate process of curating luxury vehicles. You will learn of the overall aesthetic considerations that goes into creating a Range Rover and be offered an opportunity to sketch your own Range Rover.

There is also a Luxe Atelier curated by SS Homme, a contemporary bespoke design house, for a fashion consult. The Fragrance Lab offers an opportunity to experience carefully curated scents extracted from ingredients sourced from their places of origin – be it Darjeeling for tea, Kashmir for saffron or Assam for vetiver.

At Range Rover House’s Wellness Sanctuary, you can attend a sound and crystal healing session facilitated by a sound therapist. The specially curated Tasting Vault offers an artisanal experience in fine spirits, bringing to life the most refined flavours of the finest single malt and tequila paired with artisanal chocolate and cheese. Award-winning restaurant, Masque will cater a one-of-a-kind tasting menu, using seasonal ingredients and techniques that draw out the best flavours, well suited for a summer day.

India-Made Range Rovers

India is the first country outside the UK to manufacture the Range Rover and Range Rover Sport, specially built for a local clientele. With sustained demand in India for Range Rover’s SUVs, both the Range Rover and Range Rover Sport, will be locally manufactured in Pune, India. Geraldine Ingham, Managing Director of Range Rover, said “Across the globe, we’re seeing the highest levels of client demand for Range Rover, in our 53-year history. This is an unprecedented success story and India is a very important part of it. Retail sales in India, for FY24 alone, have surged by 160%, and locally manufacturing the Range Rover will enable the brand to respond to this growing demand among discerning clients and celebrated personalities across the country.”

In 2011, JLR entered into a contract manufacturing agreement with Tata Motors to establish a manufacturing line for JLR vehicles at the Tata Motors plant in Pune. With Freelander being the first car to be built locally in India, the manufacturing facility in India has consistently delivered high-quality vehicles. Rajan Amba, Managing Director, JLR India, said, “This is a proud moment for all of us in India, as we become the first country to locally manufacture the iconic Range Rover. It is testament to the quality standards we have successfully achieved in local manufacturing in India, that are at par with JLR standards globally. Manufacturing the Range Rover family locally will bring together the best of both worlds, as outstanding British design, technology and refinement meets the pride of owning a ‘Made in India’ luxury vehicle.” Range Rover and Range Rover Sport join the Range Rover Velar, Range Rover Evoque, Jaguar F-PACE and Discovery Sport which are already locally manufactured at JLR’s facility in Pune.

The Range Rover family in India includes the New Range Rover (starting at INR 236 Lakh), Range Rover Sport (starting at INR 140 Lakh), New Range Rover Velar (starting at INR 87.90 Lakh), and Range Rover Evoque (starting at INR 67.90 Lakh), all prices mentioned are ex-showroom in India. These vehicles are available in India in 21 cities, through 25 authorised outlets.