Haute Hospitality: Hotels & Suites That Have The Stamp Of International Couturiers

From the runway to the hotel room, the fashion and hospitality worlds have long been amicable bedfellows. From Bulgari Hotels to Palazzo Versace and more, here’s how you can vacation in style.

April 25, 2024

Channel the majestic spirit of Mademoiselle Chanel at The Ritz in Paris or soak in the enigma of Karl Lagerfeld in Macau as you eat, live and breathe your dream into reality at these legendary addresses. Designed to evoke the legacy and the inimitable fashion worlds of these great masters, it is now easier than ever to relax—and sleep—in style. For luxury seekers who have an eye for finer things in life, a vacation transcends mere comfort and enters the realm of the good life. And for couturiers, expanding beyond couture and merchandising, crafting a destination resort or a signature suite is a chance to show off their creative world and style in a different medium. 

If you crave a high-fashion holiday, we round up the best fashion designer hotels that blend high fashion with hospitality including the recently launched Karl Lagerfeld in Macau to the Bulgari Hotels around the world. 

From iconic fashion houses to avant-garde couturiers, here are 10 extraordinary accommodations that offer an escape into the world of fashion. 

1. The Karl Lagerfeld At The Grand Lisboa Macau 

The Maison’s first hotel, The Karl Lagerfeld Macau , is the world’s sole hotel entirely envisioned by the fashion mogul. Housing 271 meticulously crafted rooms and suites, part of The Grand Lisboa Macau, each space reflects a world of unrivalled creativity expressed in a unique mix of Chinese and Western aesthetics that redefines the mastery of luxurious living. From specially commissioned furniture to chinoiserie-inspired décor, every element embodies Lagerfeld’s pursuit of perfection and unique aesthetic. Mesa, a contemporary Portuguese restaurant, and the Book Lounge pay homage to Lagerfeld’s diverse passions, offering guests an immersive experience rooted in the designer’s legacy. With over 4,000 curated books, the Book Lounge celebrates Lagerfeld’s enduring love for literature and design and is inspired by the designer’s own home library in Paris. From chairs on-site similar to those in his office to the use of an orchid motif throughout, his favourite flower, the late designer hand-picked every element, from the extravagant room décor and large-scale installations to minute details like bathrobes and bedsheets​

2. Palazzo Versace, Dubai, UAE 

“In the past, people were born royal. Nowadays, royalty comes from what you do,” said Gianni Versace. So, if you want to live like a royal, step inside the 16th-century inspired opulent Palazzo Versace Dubai.  Decadent and glamorous like the Maison, expect the best of Italian architecture combined with Neoclassical grandeur with hints of Arabian design. The hotel is nestled in Jaddaf Waterfront precinct, just moments from Dubai International Airport and iconic landmarks like the Burj Khalifa.  

From the moment you enter, the award-winning hotel lobby whisks you up in classic Italian design, with gilded columns, signature Versace Home Collection furnishing, and Greek-inspired décor, setting the tone for a lavish experience. Every aspect of the hotel’s 215 rooms, 169 residences, and nine dining venues reflects Versace’s unparalleled craftsmanship. Alfresco terraces pay homage to the tradition of Italian palazzos, while mosaic-lined pools and lush gardens offer tranquil retreats amidst the bustling city.  It is the finer details that make a stay at Palazzo Versace Dubai so special, from the Medusa Lumiere glassware in your minibar to the friendly staff wearing House of Versace designed uniforms to Versace crockery, bedlinen and much more, its one way to live the Versace life. With nine of Dubai’s delightfully contrasting Versace-themed restaurants and bars, a Q’s Bar and Lounge, Quincy Jones’ first lounge for live entertainment, the regal property is a royal experience in Dubai. 

3. Bulgari Resort Dubai And Bali 

Bulgari Resort Bali

The Italian luxury house is where fashion trends begin. The indisputable master of craftsmanship is known for dressing up the who’s who in their exotic diamonds and colourful gemstones and also setting world records with their horological creations. The Bulgari charm has swept the world of hospitality with a prestigious property catalogue, touching everywhere from London to Bali, and the most recent one in Dubai’s hidden Jumeirah Bay. Rooted in Italian design and decorated with Middle Eastern embellishments, the Bulgari Resort is a 1.4 million-square-foot property six residential buildings of 173 sea-facing apartments, 15 private mansions, a Beach Club, and Bulgari’s first-ever Marina and Yacht Club and Michelin starred restaurants Il Ristorante-Niko Romito and Hōseki. Modern and minimalist, it is truly a way to experience the la dolce vita aka the Bulgari style.  

Yet another Bulgari gem that shines brightly is the Bulgari Resort Bali that epitomises tropical luxury, seamlessly blending Bali’s untouched natural beauty with sophisticated Italian design. Perched 150 meters above the Indian Ocean on the Bukit Peninsula, the hotel has been designed by architect Antonio Citterio Patricia Viel who has also designed the Dubai hotel. Featuring 58 ocean-view villas, five mansions, and the lavish Bulgari Villa, each accommodation boasts a private plunge pool and patio and tastefully marries Italian design with Indonesian materials. From sophisticated dining options to a cliff-edge pool, the resort promises an unforgettable retreat immersed in luxury and natural beauty as the Indian Ocean beckons from Bulgari Resort Bali.  

4. Armani Hotel Milano, Milan, Italy 

An Armani suit or an Armani suite? The Armani Hotel Milano, a second collaboration between Italian fashion designer Giorgio Armani and Emaar Properties (the first is in Burj Khalifa, Dubai), stands as the epitome of luxury. Housed in the historic Manzoni 31 building in Milan’s prestigious fashion district, the hotel boasts 95 guestrooms and suites personally curated by Armani himself. Each space exudes elegance, featuring bespoke furnishings and amenities designed for utmost comfort. Situated mere moments from iconic landmarks and luxury shopping streets, the hotel offers guests an unparalleled ‘Stay with Armani’ experience. Lifestyle Managers catering to any requirements and assist with coordinating itineraries, ensuring a seamless and unforgettable stay in Milan. From the spa to the fitness center, to the bespoke tailoring service offered, the Armani Hotel will have you feeling like your best self. Take in the stunning views of the Duomo and the city skyline as you find yourself in the refined company the fashion icon’s impeccable taste. 

5. Fendi Private Suites, Rome, Italy 

Stepping into Fendi Private Suites is akin to stepping into history. An erstwhile aristocratic residence, Palazzo Fendi is the world’s first hotel by Fendi, above the flagship store on Via dei Condotti, Rome. A chance to not only immerse yourself at the flagship boutique below, it also offers a unique retreat into the brand’s Italian hospitality. This exclusive hotel, situated on the third floor of Palazzo Fendi, offers only seven meticulously designed suites, epitomizing elegance and exclusivity. With access to Fendi’s flagship boutique and immersion into the brand’s world, guests can experience unparalleled luxury and a unique Roman sojourn.  

Incorporating the classic Fendi aesthetic of strong contrasts, Fendi heritage is in every detail, from the work tablets created by Fendi’s historic in-house fur atelier to Karl Lagerfeld’s platinum prints of Rome’s spectacular. The Fendi Casa linen and toiletries add a touch of haute couture. Originally belonging to the Boncompagni Ludovisi family, Palazzo Fendi stands as a symbol of architectural splendour, juxtaposing aristocratic tradition with contemporary design.   

6. Cinema Suite Designed By Sabyasachi At Taj 51 Buckingham, London, UK  

Imagine your luck as you step into a suite rooted in the old-world charm of 1940s and 1950s Hollywood and Indian Cinema. Enamoured by your favourite divas—Rita Hayworth and Madhubala—this is a chance to relive the bygone charm. At Taj 51 Buckingham Gate Suites and Residences, check into the Cinema Suite, a 1,884-square-foot marvel designed by acclaimed Indian designer Sabyasachi Mukherjee. Paying homage to global cinema history, this suite features two bedrooms, a dining room, a study, powder room, and kitchen. The Hollywood Bedroom has been inspired by the maharajas of the British Raj, legendary filmmakers such as Satyajit Ray, Bimal Roy—and their iconic films have influenced the design maven. The study, is inspired by auteurs such as Francis Ford Coppola and Ingmar Bergman. Inspired by the golden eras of Hollywood and Indian Cinema, this suite is a celebration of global culture and influence. From rare Bollywood film prints to state-of-the-art cinema technology, sumptuous silk drapes, leather Chesterfield, precious glassware, intriguing art and antique rugs, world arts and crafts, it seems to be the perfect place not only to just dwell on the great masters but maybe to create some inspired art.  

7. The Elsa Schiaparelli Suite At The May Fair Hotel, London, UK

Inspired by the iconic fashion figure Elsa Schiaparelli, this suite in London’s The May Fair Hotel channels the spirit of her beloved surrealist era and signature fuchsia hue. Featuring spacious living and relaxation areas, it’s an ideal choice for romantic escapes or special occasions. The corner suite is adorned in rich leather and vibrant fuchsia, this one-bedroom suite boasts ample living and dining spaces.  

8. Hotel Lungarno, Florence, Italy

When Salvatore Ferragamo settled in Florence, Italy in 1927 to expand his exclusive footwear empire, he soon saw the opportunity to offer the best in class Italian hospitality leading to the creation of the Lungarno Collection. In 1967, Hotel Lungarno opened its doors in Florence. The hotel celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2017 when it underwent a meticulous six-month renovation, maintaining its charm while embracing a nautical ambience in the lobby overlooking the Arno and Ponte Vecchio. Its intimate living room, adjacent to Borgo San Jacopo’s Michelin-starred restaurant, offers culinary excellence. Enhanced with over 450 artworks, themed itineraries guide guests through the corridors, leading to uniquely themed rooms like the Venna or Francesconi suite. With 63 luxurious rooms and pet-friendly accommodations, Hotel Lungarno, offers proximity to Florence’s boutiques and Renaissance landmarks, ensuring unforgettable experiences for its guests. 

9. Coco Chanel Suite, Ritz Paris, France 

If you are a firm believer of Coco Chanel’s words, “Fashion changes, but style endures”, then this suite is your way to imbibe it. Coco Chanel called the Ritz Paris home for over 20 years; she affectionately called it ‘ma maison’.  This luxurious suite reflects her timeless style, with black, ivory, and white accents. A frequent visitor of the hotel in the 1920s, since her fashion house was just around the corner at 31 rue Cambon, it was from 1935 onwards that she began spending more time at the Ritz, and settled here permanently in 1954 for the rest of her life. The iconic designer and creator of the little black dress, brought in her own furniture and personal objects to furnish her suite in her own style. With great views of the Place Vendôme, whose contours are said to have inspired the stopper in each bottle of N°5, this suite, has remained faithful to Coco Chanel’s favourite themes including archival pictures of the legendary designer at the hotel. With two bedrooms, two baths, a Hammam, and a separate living area, it comes alive with Venetian mirrors, crystal lamps, and personal touches like Coromandel screens that echo her Rue Cambon apartment and her love for black and white. Call it the residence of French chic and the woman who birthed it, a stay here is for true aesthetes only.  

10. Designer Suites By St. Regis 

St. Regis Designer Suites epitomise a fusion of luxury and artistry, showcasing collaborations with eminent designers and fashion icons. Located in St. Regis properties in Florence, Rome, New York and Istanbul, each suite is a canvas for their unique visions, blending opulence with innovation. St. Regis Florence and Rome have the Bottega Veneta suite (each), St. Regis Istanbul is home to the Bentley Suite and St. Regis New York has three exclusive suites—Tiffany’s Suite, Dior Suite and Bentley Suite. 

Images courtesy respective featured brands.